Monday Night

For Monday Craft night we ended up making coasters. We are making some craft projects for our first event and can’t wait to show you the process. But more details on that when I know more. When I left Debbie’s house we only had 8 made. Look at her go..


“Its a coaster factory! 3 sets done from last night and 9 more sets drying… our first products!” -Debbie

I know there are many ways to make them, but this is what we did:

  1. We used tiles. You can find these anywhere for 10 cents. I go to the ReBuilding Center, it’s for a great cause, plus they’re super friendly.
  2. Add your own decorative paper or photo to make them unique. Measure the tile and cut paper to match the size.
  3. Add some Mod Podge on the tile to glue the paper down.
  4. Apply a spray acrylic or glossy finish. Set to dry.
  5. Use a glue gun to glue one side of the tile square to add a felt pad so it doesn’t scratch up your table.



2 thoughts on “Monday Night

  1. So the coasters are cool–and it made me wonder if the same process would work on larger 12 x 12 floor tiles. I’m thinking these would be big enough to apply an image and still have tile color exposed (like matting) or even offset with same matting effect. I’m thinking wall hangings here, individual and/or ganged. Just a thought. Also could the larger ones be covered in something heat-proof so they could be used as trivets?

    • oh, great ideas! We have thought of that, using them as canvas, but they are kinda heavy. I have one at home that is painted on a tile. Looks fine, but a little small for my taste. And to answer your question, yes( <—and this is why).

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