Christmas Reminder

My family celebrated Christmas early so we can attend other Christmas(es). Anyways, today I was reminded and rewarded the best way any Aunt could be. My little 5-year-old nephew doesn’t like reading so I made him a Adventure Time coloring Book. As he is opening his present he said, “another book,” with a sense of disappointment in his whiny voice. He noticed the cover and his eyes light up. He flipped through the pages and noticed himself enjoying adventures with Finn & Jake. He loved my home-made gift and was more excited than electronics, gadgets, etc. He even asked me to make him another one next year. “Take pictures so you can put it on the next one for Christmas.” –Marilyn

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One thought on “Christmas Reminder

  1. Marilyn, your nephew is so darn cute! And how lucky for him that he has such an imaginative and thoughtful aunt to create a unique Christmas present he’ll remember forever!

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